What is $PZP token?

The $PZP token is a BEP-20 utility token that serves as the backbone of the PlayZap ecosystem, unlocking the true potential of the game economy. With the $PZP token, we have created a "Free-to-Play, Skill-to-Earn" social skill gaming platform, where players can engage in various contests to compete for crypto rewards in the form of the native token and NFTs.
By integrating the $PZP token across the entire ecosystem, including gamers, developers, and publishers, we enable a seamless exchange of assets and earnings within the platform. This facilitates a vibrant economy where creators and players can freely trade and exchange their digital assets.
To further enhance the player experience, we have set aside a reward pool of 30 million tokens, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total token supply. This reward pool is dedicated to incentivizing and rewarding our players for their participation and achievements within the platform.
For more detailed information about the token distribution and vesting schedule, we encourage you to explore our resources, which provide comprehensive insights into the allocation and management of $PZP tokens.
Overall, the $PZP token plays a pivotal role in driving engagement, competitiveness, and economic value within the PlayZap ecosystem, offering exciting opportunities for players and creators alike.
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