PlayZap derives a lot of inspiration from the existing free-to-play web2 model and strives to bring an amazing playing experience, the ability to earn with your skill and model to own the digital assets with the use of blockchain technology, token economy, and game mechanics.


The major problem with free to play business model
Poor User experience: Heavily monetized through advertisements with continuous interruption that leads to the bad playing experience
Design trap: Game design and economy are primarily focused on converting free players to paid and continue to monetize them with endless promotions, content traps, and endorsing pay-to-win mechanisms
No inherent value: Player's time, skill, and purchases are limited to the game with no real value outside
Fully Centralised: The game publisher commands a business model that is fully centralized and oriented toward higher profits for the business

Our Solution

Transparency: Monetisation is implemented as a core mechanic of the game, with an economy built around the exchange of multiple currencies, cutting out advertisement.
Ownership: Player's investments will be rewarded by providing value outside our ecosystem, as digital currencies and NFTs, with refined content and no P2W mechanisms as the core design.
True Skill to Earn: Players are rewarded for using their time to get better at our games and for being active in the game economy, with the rewards retaining value outside of the PlayZap ecosystem.
Community Driven: The community will be in direct contact with the devs, with no publisher as a middleman. The developers will focus on the core building due to the infrastructure that PlayZap built.
Our goal is to simplify the gaming experience for mainstream casual gamers, reward skilled and loyal players by introducing the value of blockchain and Non-fungible tokens