PlayZap draws significant inspiration from the successful free-to-play web2 model. We aim to provide an equally amazing gaming experience while incorporating the innovative elements of blockchain technology, token economy, and game mechanics.

Similar to the free-to-play model in web2, PlayZap allows players to access and enjoy games without any upfront cost. We believe in providing a seamless and enjoyable playing experience that captures the essence of mainstream gaming.

Game mechanics play a crucial role in enhancing the overall gameplay experience. We employ engaging and skill-based mechanics to create challenging and rewarding gameplay scenarios. This ensures that players can showcase their abilities and be rewarded accordingly, adding an element of competitiveness and accomplishment to their gaming journey.

Additionally, our token economy adds further depth to the PlayZap ecosystem. Tokens serve as a means of value exchange within the platform, rewarding players for their skill, time, and loyalty. This token economy encourages active participation and provides players with tangible incentives for their achievements and contributions.

By combining the best aspects of the web2 free-to-play model with blockchain technology, token economy, and innovative game mechanics, PlayZap aims to deliver an exceptional playing experience where players can earn with their skills and have ownership over their digital assets.


The primary issue associated with the free-to-play business model:

Poor User Experience: The user experience is negatively impacted due to excessive monetization through disruptive advertisements, resulting in a subpar gameplay experience.

Design trap: The design trap lies in the game's primary focus on converting free players into paying customers and perpetually monetizing them through relentless promotions, content traps, and the endorsement of pay-to-win mechanics.

No inherent value: The lack of inherent value lies in the fact that players' time, skill, and purchases are confined within the game and do not hold tangible value beyond its boundaries.

Fully Centralised: The game publisher operates under a fully centralized business model, prioritizing higher profits for the company.

Our Solution

Transparency: Transparency is evident in the game's implementation of monetization as a core mechanic, featuring an economy centered around the exchange of multiple currencies, thereby eliminating the need for advertisements.

Ownership: Ownership is prioritized by rewarding players' investments with value beyond our ecosystem, such as digital currencies and NFTs, accompanied by refined content and a core design devoid of pay-to-win mechanisms.

True Skill to Earn: True skill is rewarded as players invest their time in improving their gameplay and actively participating in the in-game economy, with the rewards maintaining value beyond the PlayZap ecosystem.

Community Driven: The community will have direct communication with the developers, eliminating the need for a publisher as an intermediary. The developers will prioritize core building tasks, thanks to the infrastructure established by PlayZap.

Our objective is to streamline the gaming experience for mainstream casual gamers while rewarding skilled and loyal players by incorporating the value of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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