🎱8 Ball Pool Blitz

A fun twist to a classic 8-ball pool game


Score as high as possible in a given time duration


  • Touch & Drag the cue to aim

  • Drag the bar to select the power to shoot

  • Use the spin ball to apply spin to the cue ball


  • Each ball and pocket has unique numbers

  • The number on the ball and pocket value determines the score points

  • Every time you pocket the ball, the pocket value will rotate to the next pocket clockwise.

  • Score points = Ball Number x Pocket Value

When you pocket the ball number 5 into the pocket value of 10, your score points will be 50 points

Streak Bonus

  • When you pocket the ball, you will activate a streak bonus of 2x. When you pocket the ball successfully in the next shot, your score points will be multiplied by a streak bonus.

  • Your streak will continue to grow to higher multipliers as you keep scoring the ball subsequently

  • If you miss pocketing the ball or you pocket the cue ball, your streak bonus will be reset to 1x

When your streak bonus is at 5x, you pocket the ball number 6 into pocket value x10. Score points will be calculated as Ball number (6) x pocket value (10) x streak multiplier (5) = 6 x 10 x 5 = 300

Trick Shots

  • When you pocket the ball using another ball, it is a Trick Shot

  • You will get +300 points for every trick shot performed in the round

Round Timer & Lives

  • Every player will have 4 minutes and 5 lives in each round

  • The round will end if you either lose all 5 lives or run out of the timer

  • If you pocket all balls with time in hand, you will get a time bonus. The time bonus will be calculated as the total time left in the second x 3

💡 When you complete the round with the 60s left on the timer, you will receive 60 x 3 = 180 points as a time bonus

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