Block Puzzle

An addictive block puzzle with an interesting twist to the classic Tetris game


Score as high as possible in a given time duration


  • Drag & drop the block shapes from the bottom & place them on the board. One at a time.
  • Place blocks in such a way that they can fill either row or column
  • When you fill the row or column, it clears them to make space for others


  • Each block placement on the board gets you points
  • Score points are dependent on the block shape. Large shape = higher points.
1 cube = 10 points. For example, if you place the L shape block which is made of 5 cubes, it will get you 50 points when you place them on the board

Bonus & Streak

  • When you fill an entire row or column, you will get bonus points
  • When you manage multiple rows & columns with one move, you get additional bonus points
  • The streak bonus will be activated when you clear rows or columns subsequently
  • Extra time bonus will be rewarded when you clear rows or columns

Timer & Round over

  • Every player gets 5 min per round
  • When time is over, the round will end automatically
  • When the board is filled and there is no space to place a new block, the round will end.