Q1´23 (In Progress)
Q4´22 (completed)
  • Finalizing the IDO partners
  • Public Token Sale (IEO/IDO)
  • TGE
  • $PZP listing on exchanges
  • 100k+ players
  • The web version of Playzap Wallet
  • The web version of the app
  • Release 21 Card (8th game)
  • Release Match Master (9th game)
  • Kick Off new game development to launch in Q2´23
  • New Language Support
  • Full release of mobile app
  • On-chain deployment (live on BNB Smartchain)
  • Non-Custodial Wallet Integration
  • Launch Partner Tokens on the app (launched $RLY)
  • Improve 8 ball pool and solitaire game
  • 21 Card game (release ready in Q1´23)
  • Match Master game (release ready in Q1´23)
  • Improve user experience (based on player's feedback)
  • Improve game performance & optimization
  • Scaled the core team to 15 people
  • Complete Private Sale
  • Soft Launch Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • Infrastructure upgrades for back-end services
  • Implement security & anti-cheating system
  • referral system (invite & earn)
  • App walk-through video (how to play)
  • walk-through video for all games
  • Partnership signed up with Scuti & Real Player Me
  • Security audits & final testing of the platform
  • Migration to the blockchain compatible version
  • Leaderboard/ Weekly League
  • Dice merge game (total 7 games ready to release)
  • Cross platform 3d avatar system (partnership with ready player me)
  • Close beta Testing
  • Beta launch of mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • Website Launch for investors
  • Launch social media channels
  • Wallet integrated to the website
  • Release Tokenomoics
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Secure Seed funds
  • Appoint Advisors
  • Build & Grow Social community
  • Gaming app beta version release for community
  • Invite & Earn feature to be ready
  • Blockchain framework integration
  • Finalise advisory and investment team for the project
  • Hiring game and blockchain devs to strengthen the team
  • Security solution to be ready and tested
  • Kick off project development
  • Competitive gaming platform (MVP)
  • Technical Infrastructure for Esports module
  • Back-end development
  • Frontend development
  • 6 Game IPs ready to integrate with the platform
  • Built core team of 10 people