🚀Rocket Blitz

An arcade-style hyper-casual game. Easy to learn. Hard to Master


Shoot rockets, level up & score as high as possible in a limited time


  • Touch to shoot rockets

  • Finish all rockets and move to the next level


  • Each successful rocket launch gets you score points. The base value of the rocket is 9 points

  • score point per rocket will increase as you complete the level. Score per rocket = base points + level number. For example in level 1, the score per rocket will be 9 (base point) + 1 (level #) = +10 points

For example, if you are at level 10, you will receive 9 points per rocket + level number ie 10 = 19 points per rocket

Bonus Points

  • Aim the rocket to the bonus points to collect. Score points will be multiplied by the bonus multiplier you collect

  • Bonus multipliers are in the form of 2x,3x and 5x

  • When you collect the bonus multiplier, your total rocket score will be multiplied. For example if

For example: If you are at level 5 and you collect a 3x multiplier, your rocket score will be: Score points = [9 points (base score) + 5 (level #)] X 3 (Bonus multiplier) = 14 X 3 = 42

Round Timer & Lives

  • You need to shoot all rockets to go to the next level

  • Each player will have 3 minutes timer with 3 lives per round

  • Your round will end if you run out of time OR lose all your lives

  • If you complete the round with lives in hand, you will receive bonus points, which will be added to your total score

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