21 BlackJack

A thrilling take on a timeless classic. Get ready to hit 21 in a whole new way!


Stack cards & hit 21 to clear the deck and score points.


  • Tap on the stack you want to place your card.
  • Black Jacks are Wild Cards that will clear any stack.
  • You can hold one card at a time. Tap on Hold to save a card for later. Tap to select and use it.
  • Use the Undo button to revert your last move.


  • If the sum of your cards goes over 21, you lose lives.
  • Ace cards can be used for either 1 or 11 points.
  • When you manage to place 5 cards in the stack without exceeding the sum of 21, you will receive bonus points & the stack will be cleared
Blackjack Bonus
5 Card Bonus
Streak Bonus
Deck Clear Bonus
+1000 (when user clears all cards)
Live Left Bonus
+400 per heart left
Time Bonus
+8 per second left. (If 100s left, the time bonus would be 800)
(Time bonus is only received when either all cards are cleared or the board is cleared)

Round Timer & Lives

  • Every player will have 5 minutes and 3 lives in each round.
  • The round will end if you either lose all 3 lives or run out of the timer.