PlayZap's gaming app offers an in-built custodial wallet that provides a secure storage solution for players' owned tokens and assets. The wallet allows players to keep their digital assets within the app, eliminating the need to use external wallets.

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Key Wallet Features:

  • Easy Deposits & Withdrawals: The wallet allows players to easily withdraw their assets without any limitations, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • All-in-One Storage: Players can keep all their digital assets and tokens in one place, eliminating the need to manage multiple wallets.

  • Transfer and Swap: The wallet facilitates easy transfers and swaps of compatible tokens, enabling players to manage their assets efficiently.

  • Convenient Deposits: Players can easily deposit tokens from other wallets into their PlayZap wallet.

  • Direct Token Purchases: The wallet supports direct purchases of tokens using fiat currency, providing a seamless onboarding experience for players.

Security Measures

  1. Private Key Security: PlayZap employs AES 256 encryption to encrypt the private keys associated with the wallet. This encryption method is widely recognized for its high level of security, ensuring that even if the private key is compromised, its contents cannot be deciphered.

  2. Splitting and Distribution of Private Key: To further enhance security, the encrypted private key is split into three parts and stored on separate servers. Each part is encrypted with a unique key, adding an additional layer of protection. This distribution ensures that an attacker cannot gain access to the complete private key by compromising a single server.

  3. Local Separation of Servers: Each server storing a part of the private key is locally separated from the others. This means that even if one server is breached, the attacker would need to breach all three servers to access the entire private key. This segregation adds an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access.

  4. Firewall Protection: Each server is highly secured with a firewall, which acts as a barrier to prevent unauthorized access and protect against external threats.

  5. Redundancy and Fault Tolerance: In the event that one of the servers is compromised or experiences a failure, the other two servers can continue to function independently. This ensures that the private key remains secure and accessible, even if there are issues with one of the servers.

These features and security measures ensure that PlayZap's in-built custodial wallet offers a secure and user-friendly solution for storing and managing players' digital assets within the gaming app.

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