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Solitaire Pro

A classic Solitaire card game that you can not go wrong with!
The total


The objective is to stack each suit from Ace to King in a limited time

Foundation Stack

Takes the cards from the same suit from Ace to King

Tableau Stacks

Tableau stack will be used to sort the cards. Stack the cards of alternating colors in King to Ace in order. You can only move Kings to the empty slots

Drawing Deck

Draw the new card from the drawing deck. The top card can be placed on the tableau or foundation stack. You can cycle through the deck 3 times for free. After that, you will lose points on each draw


  • Each successful card placed on the foundation stack will get you score points
  • Each successful card placed on the tableau stack will get you +50 points
  • If you finish the deck with time in hand, you will be rewarded with a time bonus
Score Points
Placing valid card to Tableau Stack
+50 points
Placing card to the Foundation stack
Ace - 325 2s - 300 3s - 275 4s -250 5s - 225 6s - 200 7s - 175 8s - 150 9s - 125 10s - 100 Jack - 75 Queen - 50 King - 25

Round Timer & Lives

  • The total time per round is 5 min
  • If you do not find any valid move, tap on Submit and quit the game to receive a time bonus
  • If you finish early, you will get time bonus based of time left on the clock and the moves performance