Stack Ball 3D

BOUNCE, HOLD, DESTROY! Non-stop arcade fun


Touch & Hold to destroy the stacks to score


  • Touch & Hold to break the stack
  • Release the finger to stop
  • Avoid black stack

Activate Power

  • Hold longer to activate the power bar
  • When the power bar is active, it breaks the black stacks too
  • During power mode, scoring will be multiplied by 2


  • Each stack gets you to score points. The base value of the stack is 9 points
  • score point per stack will increase as you complete the level. Score per stack = base points + level number. For example in level 1, the score per stack will be 9 (base point) + 1 (level #) = +10 points
  • During power mode, the score will be multiplied by 2
For example, if you are at level 10, you will receive 9 points per stack + level number ie 10 = 19 points per stack

Timer & Game Over

  • Each round timer is 2 minutes
  • If you hit the black tile (during non-power mode), the round will end