Key Summary

PlayZap Games is a community-driven gaming arena that offers players the opportunity to showcase their skills, win prizes, earn tokens, and own digital assets. Our platform provides a unified gaming experience, where players can access a variety of high-quality games and participate in competitive contests.
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Our Principal

  • Free to Play - Always free to download and start playing. No barrier
  • Skill to Earn - We value player´s time, skill & loyalty
  • Transparency - We keep it transparent, and community-driven as much as we can
  • True ownership - Using blockchain technology to empower our players
  • Sustainable Economy - Sustainable token economy for the long run #FTW

Our Vision

PlayZap Game embraces the "Free to Play" philosophy, ensuring that our platform is always free to download and start playing. We believe in removing barriers for players to access and enjoy our games.
Through our "Skill to Earn" principle, we highly value the time, skill, and loyalty of our players. Your dedication and proficiency in the games will be rewarded, creating an environment where your efforts directly contribute to your earnings and advancement within the platform.
Transparency is at the core of our values. We strive to keep our operations transparent and foster a community-driven approach. We actively involve our community in decision-making processes and welcome their feedback, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.
By utilizing blockchain technology, PlayZap enables true ownership of in-game assets and rewards. The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that players have full control and ownership of their digital items, creating a sense of empowerment and value in their gaming experience.
We are committed to building a sustainable token economy that stands the test of time. Our goal is to establish an ecosystem that maintains a balance between supply and demand, ensuring the longevity and stability of our token economy.
  • Unified Super Gaming App: The PlayZap gaming app is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes game discovery and fosters high engagement. Its Esports-styled format enables players to seamlessly switch between different games, compete against live opponents, and connect with the community. In our initial tests, players have invested over 40 minutes in each session and frequently return to check their progress or play more games.
  • Building for a Global Audience: Our platform features proven games with millions of players, providing a seamless user experience and a competitive format that allows for global scalability with minimal downtime. As part of our roadmap, we are committed to adding localized support and customized assessments for specific geographical locations.
  • Community Driven: We actively encourage our community to participate in shaping the platform by voting on features and games they would like to see. Through our exclusive tickets (NFTs), community members can organize tournaments as part of our creator program, inviting their friends, family, or network to join PlayZap and earn a commission in return.
  • Build with Partners: We are developing a comprehensive framework that empowers anyone to create and publish multiplayer online games on the blockchain, providing all the necessary tools for success. Our infrastructure welcomes game creators, developers, and partners to deploy their games on the PlayZap platform and leverage our large community. Our partnership terms are transparent and designed to encourage collaboration with fellow developers who share our mission.
  • Competitive Tournaments and PvP: PlayZap offers truly skill-based tournaments where players of similar abilities compete against each other. The spirit of competition is at the core of our product, driving player engagement and involvement with the ecosystem.
  • Game of Skill: Our games are of the highest quality, as evidenced by their popularity among millions of players worldwide. They feature intricate designs, dynamic scoring systems to enhance replayability, and many other engaging elements. In 2022, we plan to introduce over 10 new games and continue to release new titles regularly to ensure long-term engagement within the community.
  • Cross-Platform: Our product will be available on both mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and the web, ensuring easy accessibility for users to download, play, and win.
PlayZap is led by a capable team with the necessary expertise to drive the platform forward and deliver a compelling gaming experience. Refer the team profile here