🔮Bubble Shooter

A classic arcade-styled bubble shooting game. Aim, Shoot, and Pop!


Score as high as possible in a limited time


  • Touch & Drag to aim & release to shoot

  • Find the same color ball to make a match. When you do not find any match, you can swtich to the next ball


  • Match 3 or more same color balls to score points. More balls, higher score. For example, if you match 4 balls in one shot, your score points will be 20+30+40+50 = 140 points

  • Some balls have bonus multipliers that will multiply your score points. For example, if you match 3 balls with one ball that has a 2x multiplier, your score points will be 20+30+ 80 (40x2) = 130 points

  • When you collect stars, you will get additional bonus points to your total score

Lives & Timer

  • Each player will have 3 minutes of time and 3 lives in a round

  • The round will end if you run out of time OR lose all 3 lives

  • If you complete the round with lives in hand, you will receive bonus points which will be added to your final score

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