Blockchain Tech

With more than 3 billion gamers across the globe, gaming is turning out to be a compelling use case for blockchain. Integration with cryptocurrencies and unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has revolutionised the blockchain, bringing endless possibilities to this multi-million dollar industry.
Unlike the traditional games, which are highly centralised, making the game developers control all assets and currency, blockchain games are decentralised. It means that the game is not owned or controlled by any central authority but rather by anyone who possesses digital assets and game objects (players, in this case).
PlayZap takes the advantage of blockchain technology in order to provide true ownership of tokens and digital assets to our players.

Key Benefits

Following are key benefits using blockchain technology in playzap:
Decentralised ownership: Players are spending billions of dollars in virtual good and currency in free-to-play games to improve their gaming experience. The purchased assets are directly owned & managed by game developers and not players. Blockchain technology makes players are true owner of their assets and gives them full control to use to take advantage of utility in the game, allowing them to transfer or trade. Unlike most online games based on a centralised model, blockchain follows a decentralised structure, making its ecosystem almost borderless and transparent.
Safe & Secure Environment: Blockchain platforms use powerful data encryption technologies such as the private key-public key for securing crypto token transactions. With the technology we are currently using, it's almost impossible to hack these data encryption techniques - making them safe. Moreover, hackers won’t be able to destroy a decentralised blockchain network because there is no single server to beat here.
Investment & Earnings: Player can be incentivised to invest in in-game assets that are likely to produce good returns on the investment. In last 3-5 years, there are few gaming projects tokens has given multi-fold return to their investors. In addition to that - making game currency tokenisation allows player to win project tokens against their loyalty, skill & time - makes it unique & rewarding in the gaming industry.
The following blockchain protocols will be integrated into the PlayZap gaming stack:
  • ERC-20 for $PZP & partner tokens
  • ERC-721 for Digital Assets storage and trading

Multi-chain Support

PlayZap is built on multi-chain protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. L2 ethereum side chain that offers
  • Fast & Scalable infrastructure
  • Low or No Gas Fee
  • Secure transactions
  • Non custodial wallet support. learn more here​
*The PlayZap team is looking at layer-2 solutions (that use the main Ethereum chain as an anchor for security). We will closely follow technical progress on this topic and decide to integrate the solution that combines the best advantages for our product, use-case, and users.