Tech Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration to strengthen the overall influence of cryptocurrency. Crypto communities of all shapes, goals, and sizes should combine their respective strengths into an unstoppable force to assist in the facilitation of crypto mass adoption. Therefore, PlayZap actively seeks to partner with appropriate projects for mutually beneficial business relationships.
PlayZap is proud to partner with some of the top technology partners who empower the PlayZap platform, simply the playing experience, and helps speed up the development. Following are a few top partners that are part of the ecosystem
  • Unity 3D Engine - Our platform and game IPs are fully built on Unity 3D Engine which offers a seamless experience, cross-platform support, and advanced features set up to build an amazing playing experience for our players.
  • Particle Network - Offers the full stack web 3 development from user authorization to wallet to on-ramp payment solution. Learn more here​
  • Ready Player Me - Offers cross-platform 3D avatar system. Learn more here​
  • Scuti Reward Marketplace - Enable PlayZap's very own store that allows players to buy their favorite product at a discounted price and earn free rewards. Check out our partnership news here​
  • BNB SmartChain - Blockchain network to run on-chain transactions. More here​
  • RLY Network - provides an ecosystem for web3 apps. Playzap offers various contest to earn $RLY token