Our Approach

We set out the mission to build a player-friendly gaming experience by simplifying onboarding, gameplay & payments for the mainstream audience. In order to scale to mainstream players, it is required hybrid approach to deliver a fun quality experience by empowering our players with the help of blockchain technology.
  • Player First, always: We build for players to entertain, compete, and socialize & allow them to win loads of prizes. Our Skill to Earn model puts competition and fun at first place and rewards our players for their skill & loyalty
  • High-Quality Fun Games: PlayZap team is a game developer by heart. We carry years of experience in building and publishing games successfully that helped us to understand player behavior and raise the bar quality
  • Game of Skill: All of our games are designed to test players´ skills. By definition, A game of skill or game of wits is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill rather than chance. Learn more here​
  • Keeping it easy, casual: Our platform is mainly focused on mainstream casual gamers who play games on mobile (and that is more than half of the overall mobile gaming audience and more than 30% of the total gaming market). Our multi-gaming app makes it super easy for players to choose their favorite game, compete with other players with similar skills and take advantage of our in-built wallet to seamlessly deposit or withdraw tokens
  • Transparency & Ownership: We have set aside a significant part of the total token supply for the community (read tokenomics here) and built strong utility around our native token. Our forthcoming dynamic NFTs will bring a lot of ownership & utility value to the project. Another example of our non-custodian wallet is where we give full control of the wallet to players' hands. It means the player can own the private key of the wallet created on our app and it is fully decentralized
  • Security: we work best with the best blockchain partners & service providers who help out to build out a great level of security along with our in-game built security layer that makes your playing experience super secure and trustworthy.