The $PZP Token

The $PZP is a BEP-20 utility token to power the playzap ecosystem and unlock the game economy's true potential. The $PZP token enables a ´Free-to-Play, Skill-to-Earn´ social skill gaming platform where players discover and compete in various contests for crypto rewards in the native token and NFTs. It will be used across the ecosystem by gamers, developers, and publishers, allowing Creators and Players to exchange ASSETS and Earnings across the platform.
The project keeps a reward pool of 33M tokens (around 22% of the total supply) for our players. Learn more about the distribution, and vesting schedule here​
Launching in Q1´23

$PZP Token Use Case

The native $PZP token establishes in-game utility and helps build a rewarding and meaningful economy for our players. We make a hybrid player experience for both (web2 / web3) players in order to enjoy the free-to-play model without any barrier and empower our players to take advantage of the Skill to Earn´ format.

$PZP Token (know-how)

What is the use?
How to Earn?
Where to Buy?

Premium Contests

  • Participate in Large Pooled Contests
  • Participate in Group Contests
  • Challenge other players in the PvP format
  • Participate in the weekly tournaments/events

Market Place

  • Buy NFTs
  • Buy in-game items and power-ups


  • Stake $PZP
  • Daily Spin (probability to win tokens & game currency in every few hours)
  • Daily Bonus (The bonus keeps growing as you come back every day)
  • Invite & Win (invite anyone using your referral code and get rewarded)
  • Daily Missions / Tasks (New feature will be added)
  • Participate & Win the Premium Contest (Stay on top of the leaderboard)
  • Win group contests
  • Win PvP challenges
  • Stake $PZP to earn more
$PZP will be launched soon. The estimated time to launch is Q1 2023