The Platform

Full-fledged competitive gaming technology operated in fair play and a secure environment, the platform is built by an experienced development team who has a deep understanding of skill-based real money games, backend operations, and ecosystem building. We are putting extra details on some of the important key areas to help our players experience, compete and engage with other users in a secure and entertaining environment.

Cross Platform Multi-Gaming

PlayZap gaming app multi-gaming cross-platform app that allows you to play seamlessly on any mobile phone or tablet (android or iOS). Our players can use a single sign-on system and sync their progress to play on any device, anywhere. Our web/desktop version is in making and will be available soon.

Contest & Esports

Our platform is powered by an esports-styled competitive format that helps to organize various contests for our players. presently we offer three unique formats on the platform. a) Large Pooled League b) Group Matches c) One on One PvP Challenges


Our in-house technology allows players to match with other players or similar skill levels to ensure fair play and offer a challenging experience to all parties.


Non-Custodial wallet to securely hold your tokens and NFTs. Our players will own the private keys of their wallets and can deposit, swap, buy and withdraw seamlessly across the app. ́Your Key, your assets. Learn more here​

Free Rewards

Our economy is designed to keep free players in mind to provide a meaningful experience. Players can play daily challenges, get free spin rewards, and participate in free entry tournaments to win tokens. The entire free reward pool will be funded by our match fees where we will deposit x% of match revenue back into the reward pool. This will allow us to engage and retain our player base while giving meaningful rewards to the users.


Our key commitment is to make the entire experience secure and safe for all players. We pay extra attention to every aspect of the gameplay, payments, and Fairplay so our players can enjoy and share their gaming experience with other fellow users.


We give a lot of attention to keeping the gaming experience fair and secure. Our anti-cheat system allows us to identify potential hackers or cheaters as soon as they try to manipulate the system. Any player who tries to cheat the game system and is identified as a potential hacker will be permanently banned from the platform.


Allows buying $PZP, partner tokens, and NFTs seamlessly within the app. Our wallet offers the in-app purchase and direct purchase of the assets using fiat payment methods as well as the ability to swap your stablecoins for other tokens.

Developer Program

Allows onboarding of other game developers to be a part of PlayZap with fair ownership and revenue share.

Digital Assets

Power exclusive NFTs and premium membership along with an in-house marketplace to trade various game-specific NFTs.