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Top news about playzap
Top #3 Game on BNB Chain on Feb 23. Read here​
Reached 100k+ App downloads. here​
PlayZap is listed as top 5 new dApps! by DappRadar🔥 read here​
PlayZap closed the private round backed by 25 investors. Read more here The year 2022 & beyond. Read about Playzap journey & achievements over 2022 here​
Playzap closes seed round backed by KuCoin Labs, Arcanum Capital, Oddiyanna Ventures & Prime Block. View the announcement here​
Kucoin Labs incubates and invests in PlayZap. Read more here​
Scuti and PlayZap Games partner on commerce and brand rewards for play-to-earn games. read more here​
Enjin Welcomes PlayZap Into its Gaming Community. Read more here​
PlayZap featured on NewsBTC. Read more here​
PlayZap is featured on Smoothie Rewards Read more here ​