Welcome to official white-paper of PlayZap Games
PlayZap Game is a skill-based competitive gaming platform focused on mainstream causal gamers, built on blockchain technology with a sustainable token economy and powered by NFTs.
PlayZap is built on the principle of ´Free to Play. Skill to Earn´
  • ​PlayZap.Games - Company official website
  • ​Team - Know the team behind PlayZap
  • ​Contract Address - To track project contract and mainnet Txn
  • ​Roadmap - View detailed roadmap
  • ​Games How-To - Learn how to play, rules and scoring for all games
  • ​FAQs - Any questions? Check here

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Tokens & Economy

  • ​Tokenamics - Learn about the token economy
  • ​$pzp token - Learn the usage of $PZP token
  • ​Wallet - Learn more about the playzap wallet

Social & Community

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